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20+ Amazing Stairs Design Ideas For Small Space

Living in a small house has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is you can clean the house quickly, the cost of utility is low and also the cost of cheap maintenance while from the other side is you must be good at arranging the room so that one day if you want to make new room like second floor for your child room is not difficult.

And when we make the second floor then it is definitely needed a ladder to go up to the second floor or directly to the children’s room. Well therefore we need to think carefully how to ladder it can be designed beautifully and not add narrow room.

There are many ways to make beautiful stairs even look small like making spiral staircases. With a spiral model then it is not necessary to place a wide because the ladder is made to increase vertically.

Stairs Design Ideas Small Spaces 02
Stairs Design Ideas Small Spaces 02

Besides the spira design you can also create a zig-zag rung design so that each ladder is mounted in a zig zag. We’ve put together the best staircase design for a small room, so you can learn from the pictures below:

Hopefully this article about ladder design for small spaces can inspire you in determining and designing the type of stairs you will use.

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