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8 Best Ideas to Build a Romantic Garden in Your House

Every people want to have a park in their house. But sometimes they thinking that is impossible because they don’t have a large landscaping. But one thing you have to know, even you have a small landscape you also may a beautiful and romantic garden. So just stay reading this article and find how to build a romantic garden in your small landscape.

And right now, the mini-park is becoming a trend. Designing this kind of park is not difficult, it just takes the sensitivity of the park designer or the owner of the house. The instincts will direct them to organize the various elements in order to be in harmony and likeness. Try adding one or more of these simple touches, to make the modern minimalist garden even more beautiful.

There are many ways to build a romantic garden. All depend on your desire. Just follow whatever you want to put on your garden without leaving an aesthetic side in every part of your garden.

  1. Beautiful Romantic Garden Decoration With Three Wheel Bikes
    One way to create a beautiful garden by utilizing a tricycle. Your unused 3 wheel bikes can be used as flower pots.

    Romantic Garden
  2. Build a Small Zen Garden
    You do not have to be discouraged if you have a narrow landscape for your home. You can still build Zen-style garden can be made on a narrow land, as shown below. Materials needed are decorative stone, shrubs, and wood. Can be added unique objects such as stone lanterns or wooden bridges.

    Small Zen Garden
  3. Terraced Garden
    The terraced garden will give the impression of spacious and beautiful on limited land. Add different elements for each level. In the design of this park, elements of stone, wood, and pebbles are in the higher part.

    Romatic Terrace Garden
  4. French Style Garden
    The beauty of French gardens is unnecessary. The park is so iconic and the phrase le Jardin a la Francaise as if it had begun the graceful image of various parks in the country which is known as the romantic country.

    Small French Style Garden Ideas
  5. Adding a Mini Fountain
    This method can use a mini water fountain in the accessory of water sucker, so there is a water that flows. Quite simply, it is now widely sold for garden equipment for this mini fountain model. You can also search in an aquarium seller that is used to create an artificial fountain or a mini pool that is in the setting as if there was a stream of water.

    Small Fountain for Small Garden
  6. Added trees in the rocks area
    To add to the beauty of your garden, try planting trees in the middle of rocky areas. This will give you a high estit that your small garden will look broader with this idea.

    Trees in the rocks area
  7. Terrace with pebbles with seating
    The terrace also you can conjure into a romantic garden by adding small pebbles and seating for you to chat while drinking tea.

    Terrace with Garvel and Seating
  8. Wooden fence for Small Garden Ideas
    The fence can be more than the usual limit. The beautiful fence is the perfect design object of our garden, even more functionally and aesthetically beneficial.

    Wooden Fence for Small Garden

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