75+ Beautiful Indoor Plants As Your Homes Decor Ideas

Ornamental plants in the house is a dried plant used for ornamental plants that are often placed in the room. Like mini cactus plants that are generally mini-sized commonly planted on pot media. In addition to home decoration, mini-sized cactus plants are now widely traded for gift and souvenir wedding events.

This indoor ornamental plant is able to live long enough in a hot environment with dry soil and a little water. As our example is cactus. The original habitat of the cactus plant is in the desert so that the characteristics of the cactus plant adapt to its surroundings.

Characteristics of cactus plants is the cactus has a thorn-shaped leaves to reduce evaporation, has a wax-coated rod to maintain water content, in the cactus arranged with sponge tissue for moisture content.

Beautiful Indoor Plants As Your Homes Decor Ideas 50
Beautiful Indoor Plants As Your Homes Decor Ideas 50

The roots of the cactus are very long and widespread into the soil, the long roots serve to better reach and pick up the water and nutrients contained in the soil.

In addition to cactus many more indoor mini ornamental plants that you can place in small pots in the guest room or your family room.

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