25+ Easy Hydroponic Garden Ideas For Good Alternative Garden in Your Home

Simply observed from the origin he said Hydroponics cultivation means a method of cultivating plants without using soil media, but utilizing water / nutritional mineral solution needed by plants and other materials as substitute for soil media containing nutrients such as coconut fiber, mineral fiber, sand, tiles / bricks, wood powder, and so forth.

Hydroponic cultivation proved to be economical compared to conventional planting on the ground because it does not need to spray water every day because the nutrient solution / medium of mineral solution used is accommodated in the container used, so we live only control.

Hydroponic crops are proven to be environmentally friendly because they do not use pesticides or pesticides that can damage the soil, use only water 1/20 from regular plants, and reduce CO2 because it does not need to use a vehicle or a machine.

Best Hydroponic Garden Ideas 20
Best Hydroponic Garden Ideas 20

Alternatively, besides using mineral water bottles, in fact we can also use a basin or other plastic places. Place / medium puts rockwool containing plants can use small pots or used glass of mineral water perforated by the bottom end and fitted with flannel axis / cloth. To close the basin / plastic container can use styrofoam perforated so that the pots will hang and not touch the water. Below are creative ideas if you want to try hydroponic garden:

Hopefully this article will be an inspiration and an idea for you.

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