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20+ Best Cover Plants For Winter That You May Do Your Self at Home

Winter is one season that some people do not want. By the way they leave home during the winter to travel to countries with a tropical climate. But some people just have fun with the snow season where they can play snowman, surfing and there are many activities and games with snow they can do.

Well for those of you who have plants at home or maybe enjoy gardening, the arrival of snow is certainly a challenge in itself, and of course you do not want plants that you have planted and treated for months and then die from snow.

Therefore you have to protect the outdoor plants that exist in your garden by closing it. There are many ways and ideas you can look for from the internet on how to close and protect plants during the winter.

Cover Plants For Winter 04
Cover Plants For Winter 04

One way that may be common is to cover it with plastic. Where around the plant is made like a skeleton that will protect the plant from plastic pressure. So during the winter the plant can still grow because of cover cover that you make. Take a look at the best collection of how to protect plants during the winter:

If you do not want to make it yourself you can get a cover plant at the farm house or farm store in your city. You buy a cover plant that is adapted to the height of your existing plantation garden. And for low plants you can cover it with plastic pots that you have.

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