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You Can Try The Brick Wall For Industrial Impressions at Your Home

For some people, the open brick wall in the living room is an expression of a rich and historic building’s past and a blend of the past and present. For others, this is a way to add elegance and personality to a boring interior dominated by glass and stone. No matter what your reasons are, there is no doubt that the brick wall still exists.

Leaving walls exposed with bricks can give an industrial touch to your room and add character to the interior. There are many options for using open brick walls in interior design to give a different style and appearance. Check out this amazing brick wall design in home decor.

Modern Brick Wall Combination
Modern Brick Wall Combination – Source:

More than just the iconic aesthetics of the industrial style, brick walls have a very strong character that deserves to be the focus of the room. See various industrial room design inspirations that utilize the following brick walls.

Display of White Brick Indoor Monochrome

The brick wall is identical to the reddish color typical of brick material. However, if you want to bring a more contemporary impression on the interior of the room, it never hurts to change the color of the walls using paint, such as the white brick wall above.

Try Using Spray Paint on Brick Walls For a More Grave Impression

Brick walls can also be designed to be more suitable for teenage bedrooms. Choose a mural pattern to be applied with spray paint on a brick wall. You can freely create images, patterns, or anything else on the wall for a more dynamic look.

Try Combining Brick and Ceramic Walls

Who says if you can’t combine brick walls with contrasting and more modern ceramic materials? In addition to relying on the contrast between two different materials, you can also hit a pattern on ceramics and bricks to give a more dynamic and bold image to industrial interiors.

Elegant Black Brick Wall

Industrial style can also look elegant by using brick walls. One way is to coat the black paint on the brick and combine it with various furniture. The combination of dark colors with matching color derivatives will never fail to bring an elegant and classy impression to the room.

Show the Impression of Natural With a Combination of Brick Wall and Other Natural Materials

To make the interior atmosphere of the room become more homey and warmer, you can try combining it with natural wood materials, such as the wooden floor above or in other room elements such as ceilings.

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