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50+ Beautiful Wes Anderson Decor Ideas To Make Eye-Catching Home

Wes Anderson Decor is one of the decor that puts the color. The combination of many colors will produce a different scene. And also will spoil the eyes of anyone who sees and is in the room.

We paired these eye-candy menageries with real-life rooms that channel the director’s signature tonal aesthetic, and, well, we’ll just have to be secretly in love with them and leave it at that

Who doesn’t want to live in a Wes Anderson film? It’s a magical world: both eclectic and perfectly curated. Part nostalgia, part dollhouse, part world traveler, Anderson’s sets are an integral part of his approach to visual storytelling and have become instantly recognizable and instantly enviable.

Colorful Wes Anderson Decor Ideas 141
Colorful Wes Anderson Decor Ideas 141

We’re not saying your apartment should look like a movie set…necessarily. But it’s easy to bring a little W.A. quirk and charm to any room with a few key accessories and the right decorating approach. Read the tips below and click through the gallery above to shop home decor inspired by some of our favorite Wes Anderson films.

Wes Anderson is known for a whimsical use of color and world-unto-itself mastery of mise en scène. The inspired color palettes of his set designs frequently blend delicate pastels (Tenenbaum pink, anyone?) with unexpected pops of vibrant primary hues. Edited, soulful, and immaculately cool, it’s the sort of fodder to inspire a Tumblr craze or two—and has via Movies in Color and Wes Anderson Palettes.

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