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Want Your Bathroom Tidy, Try to Design This Bathroom Shelf!

When you have a bathroom, it’s easy to find space for all your opportunities, especially if you want to keep your room organized and quiet. But the good news is that bathrooms can be unique and beautiful, and they give you the opportunity to use your creative juices. If you don’t want to give up your valuable floor space for storage, look at the wall.

And now, we highlight some bathroom rack ideas, because they allow you to take advantage of wall space while keeping clutter to a minimum and displaying decoration. Read on for some smart ideas for these bathroom shelves, from built-in storage units to sleek floating shelves, floor to ceiling, and even window sills that serve multiple tasks.

Bathroom Shelves Ideas
Bathroom Shelves Ideas – Source: coachalexkuhn.com

This bathroom rack is available in various types that can be adjusted to the needs and style of the bathroom interior. Then which rack is suitable for your bathroom.

Bathroom Shelf in The Corner Room

You must be smarter in choosing the form of a bathroom rack so that the room still feels relieved and does not look cramped. One of the right types of bathroom shelves is a rack that can be placed in a corner of the room. This bathroom rack is installed at the corner of the room so that no space is wasted.

Hanging Style Rack

There is a bathroom rack type whose concept is open with a hanging design. Bathroom rack like this is suitable to be placed in small bathrooms because it looks more spacious.

Enabling the Bathroom Wall Niche

There are niche-style bathroom shelves that are basins on the walls. In ancient times, niches were used to display status and various art objects. Nowadays, a niche is more often used as a storage area.

High Designed Shelves, from Floor to Ceiling

If your bathroom is small, placing a shelf that runs horizontally is not a good choice. Because this clearly makes space feel more cramped so that every inch in the bathroom space can not be utilized more optimally.

Try using this rack, a vertical type that allows your bathroom to still feel more spacious.

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