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Want a More Aesthetic Bathroom Appearance, Try These Floor Pattern Variations

Renovating a bathroom from scratch can be a daunting task. There is much to consider: how to make the best use of space; what equipment and supplies to choose from; want to shower or bathe; get the right combination of lighting and mirrors; making sure there is enough practical storage for lotions, potions and towels … and so on. So, it’s easy to see how thinking about bathroom floor ideas can be ignored.

Your bathroom can be big or small, colorful or quiet but one thing you must always be in is very soothing. However, this is more than just a room; it’s a place where you run away to prepare for the day and relax when you’re done. So why not design it carefully, thoughtfully, and with details that are well-considered? We are here with many bathroom floor ideas that will change the look of the bathroom to be more aesthetic.

Bathroom Floor Design
Bathroom Floor Design – Source: theurbaninterior.co
Chess Bathroom Floor Pattern

Classified as one of the classic floor patterns, chessboard patterns are easy to shape. Simply arrange the black and white ceramic tiles alternately to look like a chessboard. Nothing wrong with choosing a different color combination by replacing black with blue or brown.

Chevron Floor Patterns Are Back in Popularity

Chevron floor patterns have existed since the 1960s and are now back in popularity. In the form of a zig-zag line that combines two contrasting colors, this floor tile can be regarded as an illusion of the eye.

Bathroom Floor Patterns With Hexagonal Shapes

Bored with the square shape, try the hexagonal shape aka hexagon like the inspiration above. The pattern of the floor with the tiles of this shape will look like a honeycomb. For variations, hexagonal patterns of marble-like this can be combined with wooden floors so as to create an aesthetic contemporary design.

Artistic Flowering Floor Pattern

The flower-shaped floor pattern is quite complicated because it uses small ceramic pieces and needs to be arranged one by one. It looks so aesthetic and seems to be a ceramic mosaic artwork. The background floor uses terrazzo material. Floor pattern like this is suitable to decorate the terrace area, bathroom, or kitchen to become the basis of the style of the room.

These bathroom floor ideas are perfect for re-decorating people. Beautiful floor and wall tile designs for this bathroom will surely inspire you!

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